About Voost™

Voost™ is a UK based company. We design our products in the UK and live here. Voost™ has been designing, manufacturing and selling LED grow lights since 2011 predominantly in the USA and The Netherlands.

  • Voost™ LED grow light products are manufactured with high quality parts;
  • Voost™ products are built to our own design, specification and the broadest horticultural spectrum;
  • Voost™ does not buy /resell from Alibaba et al;
  • Voost™ is trademarked in the UK and the USA;
  • Voost™ has qualified for the Amazon Brand Registry;
  • We are members of the Illuminating Engineering Society;
  • Voost™ maintains excellent customer support via email only. This keeps our costs down.

Horticultural Specification & Proper 350 - 780 nm

We have consistently improved our horticultural spectrum through real world tests and maintain production of lights using LEDs with the very highest efficacy and CRI available. We currently use Samsung LM301H (the ‘H’ is for horticulture) 3000K and 5000K LEDs and add a solid array of 660nm red and then increase yield and potency considerably with beautiful IR and UV LEDs. We do not just add one IR or UV for marketing purposes we add sufficient amounts to truly increase the spectrum deep into 350 and 780nm and improve your results.

That includes 8 x UV + 8 IR chips for the VST240 and 4 x UV + 4 x IR for the VST120 model.

We spend our lives improving our spectrum and product to produce highly effective full spectrum LED grow lights that provide full life-cycle function, from seed to harvest.

We have deep industry relationships with major LED chip-and-die, luminaire, aluminium heatsink and specialist driver manufacturers in the United States, China, Korea and Taiwan. If a specific LED frequency (color) does not exist, we have the ability to have it produced for us. Our manufacturing methods are stringent and quality control is 100%.

Voost deep aluminium heatsink

Thermal Management and Lumen Depreciation. Optimum output for up to 100,000 hours

All LEDs suffer from lumen depreciation which is a form of light degradation over time. This degradation increases rapidly through poor heat management. The two main killers here are powering each LED at a high rate and when thermal management is not adequate.

(1) Voost™ products use more LEDs than our competitors and power them at a lower rate.

(2) Voost™ always use deep (25 mm / inch) finned aluminium heatsinks for optimal thermal management.

(3) Voost™ use Mean Well drivers which offer constant power management keeping the driver as cool as possible. We opt for the newer ELG models as the offer dim to off. The older HLG model does not. Our products also include a 3.3m power cord with the ability to place the driver 1.5m from the light.

We design and sell to professional growers who demand high quality products and excellent service. Our aim is to always provide the highest efficacy and PPFD per £ / $.

We are always on email and ready to help our amazing customers!